Corporate Responsability

Corporate Responsability

Millennium bcp develops its activities by establishing a responsible relationship with Employees, Customers, Shareholders and other Stakeholders and its performance is featured by the compliance with rigorous internal principles and the provisions issued by the competent regulatory authorities.

Governo e Estratégia

Corporate Governance and strategy

Millennium bcp adopts an “Anglo-Saxon” One-tier Governance Model, with the following Governance and Corporate Bodies: Board of the General Meeting, Executive Board of Directors that includes Audit Committee and Executive Committee, Statutory Auditor, Remuneration and Welfare Board, and International Strategic Board.
The continuous success of the Bank is based upon a solid commitment to balancing the interests of all Stakeholders through a clear strategy that creates sustainable bases to successfully face the new challenges.

Sistema de Controlo Interno

The Internal Control System

The internal control system is defined as the set of principles, strategies, policies, systems, processes, rules and procedures laid down in the Group with a view to guarantee:
- An efficient and profitable performance of activity in the medium and long term;
- The existence of complete, relevant, reliable and timely financial and management information;
- Compliance with the legal provisions and regulations issued by the competent authorities.

Códigos Internos

Bank's Main Policies and Principles

The internal codes are a benchmark of conduct principles and good practices and synthesize the professional and ethical standards that govern the activity of the Group and are fundamental to a compliant and coherent performance of each Employee.

Gestão da Marca

Brand Management

The Millennium brand constitutes a base for the entire offer of the Bank and a fundamental part of its commercial strategy with direct impact on its results, leading to the positioning of the Millennium bcp in the mind of its Customers and to the projection of credibility, strengthening the relation of trust in the Bank and creating feelings of loyalty, boosting the value of the brand.

Oferta global e Canais de Distribuição

Global Offering and Distribution Channels

Millennium bcp ensures a complete and comprehensive offer of financial products and services for each Customer segment, using the appropriate distribution channels for each of these segments, always with the desire to respond in a dynamic and specialized manner to the socio-economic framework experienced at each moment.



Millennium bcp reflects the excellence of its Employees and they are the key to the Organization's success and sustainable development. The management of staff is a strategic factor in a Customer relationship featured by a high quality and an ongoing support to the Customer, one of the distinguishing factors of Millennium bcp.