Our Brand

Millennium Brand

We are Millennium bcp, the largest privately-owned Bank in Portugal.

The Millennium brand represents the ability to go further, the will to rise in the present to win in the future. It is an expression of strength and resilience. Millennium is a commitment to society, a promise of partnership with each and everyone's project.

We chose our brand and the energy of our colour - magenta - as an expression of bold and intense affirmation. We are the colour of leadership, quality, innovation, care and transparency.

We stand as the Portuguese leading bank, with a natural calling towards innovation that generates value, together with service quality and the advantage of scale, providing a strong business platform.

We assume a supranational global identity and aim to be internationally recognized for our excellence in the distribution of products and services.

We bet on the creation of added value in banking businesses in markets with high potential, respecting and contributing to the growth of the countries where we operate.

Our Brand expresses our essence: that we are a leading bank in Portugal, which came out stronger and more prepared to overcome future challenges.

The History Of The Millennium Bcp Brand

The strategic option for the single brand

The introduction of the new Millennium bcp brand, in October 2003, represented the final stage of a process that formally began with the implementation of a new business model by the end of 2001, but had been triggered by the merger by incorporation of the Banks Atlântico, Mello and SottoMayor into BCP, in 2000.

At the time, the change to a single brand was assumed as a project for regenerating the company, focusing on our Customers' life, mobilizing the energy of all our Employees and concentrating the corporate attitude on providing the best service and on sharing benefits with our Customers.

The single brand was meant to not only gather the different autonomous identities that existed, but to go above them and to project a desire to do more and to do better in the future, bringing the Customer to the centre of the Bank's actions and mission.

This process resulted from an objective decision to:

  1. start by integrating the operational platforms and networks and by rationalizing the staff on the back and front-office units;
  2. ensure the connection between the operations of the different brands making four different networks work as one;
  3. take the next step to optimize the commercial organization and, finally, after exploring all the benefits of managing a multi-brand, introduce the single brand gradually, giving the Customers enough time to adapt.

Chronologically, the single brand Millennium bcp was introduced in three stages:

1st Stage
Presentation of the new brand to the Employees and to the market at a Press Conference held on 23 October 2003;

2nd Stage
Launching an institutional advertising campaign, simultaneously altering the branches and replacing the stationery;

3rd Stage
In January 2004, with over 1000 branches and having adopted the Millennium bcp brand, the Bank launched the first sales campaign with the new brand (Millennium bcp cards).

The results in terms of the new brand's receptiveness and communication efficiency, measured in terms of impact on public opinion by specialised companies, were very positive.

Identity and values of the new corporate brand

The word Millennium brought with it the potential to go further in terms of brand positioning: it is intelligible, it is universal and broadens the horizons to rich, interesting contents. It creates expectations for change and innovation, breaks from the past and builds bridges to the future. The fact that it is written in Latin makes it timeless, greater and more ambitious.

At the time of its launching, in October 2003, the Bank chose to associate the new brand to a slogan that would irrefutably and enduringly translate the company's commitment to society.

When it stated “A vida inspira-nos" ("Life, our inspiration"), the Bank actually acknowledged that the life of its Clients was its source of information and knowledge. That its commitment to its Customers was to be their partner when and where their financial needs materialise. And that the products are ultimately designed to help Customers make their dreams come true, partnering with a modern, hard-working and professional Bank, at all the key moments in their lives.

Throughout the years, the statement “A vida inspira-nos" ("Life, our inspiration") shaped the brand's actions and positioning, a clear reflex of the Bank's commercial strategy for its various Customers. More than a slogan, it became a way to live, be and do banking.

The last decade's changes to the financial system worldwide lead to a profound consideration on not only how to manage the Banking business, but above all on the base premises of the commitments assumed by the Bank towards its Customers.

The Customers have changed. The market has changed. Millennium had to change. And the brand needed to follow that change.

The Millennium bcp brand was reborn in the beginning of 2016. the Bank presented itself to the market with a new ambition based on different values, translating a new business model, new ways to approach the Customer and the modernization of Branches.

The new commitments assumed towards all the Employees and Customers embody the fundamental values that guide the Millennium bcp in the future – a Bank that is agile, modern, close, simple and sustainable. These are the principles that we follow and put into everything we do every day.

Millennium bcp's new stage in life lead to a different way of being, more specific and real. By redesigning its brand, the Bank's new positioning is expressed on a new slogan – "Aqui Consigo" (Always with you/Here I can).

Millennium bcp's new motto - "Aqui Consigo" (Always with you/Here I can) - is nothing more than a statement and an intention to create ever simpler and more innovative products and services that allow all our Clients to say "Here I Can". Here, at Millennium bcp, I can do it. Here, at Millennium bcp, they are with me.

The wordplay in the slogan allows Millennium bcp to not only strengthen its close relationship with Society, but also its usual position of driver for innovation in a sector as strategic as the banking industry.

The Millennium brand is ever evolving throughout its history, dictating trends, innovating, adapting to the evolution of time, but always remaining coherent with the demands of Society, its past and the brand programme when it joined the market in 1986: the Customer as its raison d'être.