Strategic Plan 2018-21

Millennium bcp has successfully executed an operational turnaround, reinforcing its financial and capital position despite the adverse setting of the banking sector in the core Portuguese market. This position reflects our relentless path and the compounding of multiple achievements, such as an approximately 40% cost reduction since 2011, and a Euros 10.4 billion reduction in NPEs since 2013 (from Euros 12.8 billion to Euros 2.4 billion in 2020), in Portugal. Three distinctive competences were at the core of this turnaround: a customer-oriented relationship model, market-leading efficiency, and competitive and profitable international operations.

Millennium is now ready to embark on a new cycle of growth with profitability, requiring complementary capabilities to cope with the evolving context and the need to secure a fully sustainable position. These include leading digital, mobile, and analytics capabilities (preparing the organization to be competitive in the new age) and integration in value chains and ecosystems (embedding into its Customers' needs and reach), complemented by a robust balance sheet and rigorous capital allocation and shaped by strong governance (continuing its effort to de-risk the portfolio and reinforcing focus on value-added business).

Against this backdrop, Millennium has defined five overarching priorities for the future:

Talent mobilization, which will entail energizing employees to drive the Bank's agenda as a team, promoting greater engagement and proactivity, and empowering decision making in a collaborative model. The Bank's talent will also to be reinvigorated by developing a merit-based growth model and fostering the development of new capabilities. Finally, the Bank will review its compensation processes across teams to ensure alignment with the new agenda and performance.

  • Mobile-centric digitization, aspiring to double down on efforts to transform Customer experience and enable productivity gains across geographies, reemphasizing Millennium's innovation trademark. The main priorities consist of redesigning the digital experience from a mobile-centric approach, transforming top Customer journeys, setting up a convenient and productive omnichannel model, and transforming operations through the deployment of NextGen technologies (such as robotics and natural language processing). In parallel, an IT strategy focused on upgrading technology, data, security, and ways of working will enable these levers.
  • Growth and leadership in Portugal, aiming to maximize the potential of the unique position in which the Bank emerges out of the financial crisis (the largest private Portuguese bank) implying a renewed commitment to grow the Customer base and expand relationships. This will materialize into helping Portuguese businesses thrive (e.g., building a position as the preferred partner for sound small businesses), while serving its individual customers across their full range of needs. The Group further aspire to capture the full potential of ActivoBank's simple and value-based offer and assess potential internationalization options.
  • Growth in international footprint, with the objective of capitalizing on the opportunities offered by the high-growth intrinsics of markets where the Bank has a presence and competitive advantage. This implies growing in Poland by deepening retail relationships and enlarging the Customer business base; a step change in Switzerland by growing existing business and exploring new markets and digital advice; leveraging market leadership in Mozambique to focus on profitability and capturing the tailwinds of large commodity investments planned; building on its position in Angola as a trusted and sound business partner with unique local relationships; and exploring emerging China related opportunities (trade and investment flows, payments, private banking).
  • Business model sustainability, maintaining as a clear priority the improvement of its credit portfolio quality, by reducing the NPE stock (reduction to Euros 3 billion by 2021) and simultaneously lowering the cost of risk. Risk and compliance governance will also be strengthened to ensure a sustainable growth of credit volume with a sound risk profile.

After the economic impact of the current pandemic, the successful execution of these priorities will enable Millennium bcp to accomplish a set of strategic objectives: franchise growth (reach more than 6 million active Customers), readiness for the future (maintaining the number of digital Customers higher than 60%), a sustainable business model (with NPEs reaching Euros 3 billion), and attractive returns for shareholders (≈40% cost-to-income and ≈10% ROE).

Strategic Plan

 Strategic Plan