Credit Facilities

Credit Facilities

Macao Branch offers ideal credit solutions to support the financing of your company. With them, you increase your negotiation and you can enjoy adjusted payment management, among many other advantages.

Credit Business Solutions:

  • Overdrafts: Facilities available at any moment at your current account helping you to have an easy solution for the unexpected.
  • Revolver Loans: A perfect credit solution for the daily management of your company's extraordinary treasury needs. It consists of the attribution of a maximum credit limit that the Company may use, depending on its treasury needs, without the existence of any previously defined payment schedule.
  • Term Loans: Type of loan for liquidity support or investment. Mutual agreement between the Bank and the Company, in which the Bank grants a loan(s) to the Proponent(s) under the conditions and time defined in the Contract.

The effective granting of the credit operations herein presented depends on the prior appraisal and decision on the credit risk and on the eventual provision of valid collaterals required by the Bank.

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