Sharing Information

The dialogue established with the Stakeholders has a positive effect on Millennium bcp success and growth.

Listening to Customers

The Employees of the Commercial Area are the Customers' preferred contact with the Bank. However, Millennium bcp provides additional mechanisms for listening to the opinions and suggestions from Customers that, overall, aim to pursue excellence in the service provided.

Satisfaction Survey - the measurement of Customer satisfaction levels allows the Bank to get a clear view on the Customers' opinion with regard to the global product range and level of service provided.

Complaints - the Bank has two specialized services for the resolution of complaints, in particular:

Customer support Centre - service made available to customers, which contributes actively to the maintenance and, sometimes, recovery of a good relationship, through the appropriate and timely handling of their complaints. Complaints are a source of information for the improvement of internal processes, products and services.

Client Ombudsman - totally independent entity, which acts as mediator in the conflict between the Customers and the Bank and whose action is ruled by the Client Ombudsman's Regulations, aiming to decide fairly, swiftly, gratuitously and confidentially.

Millennium bcp also collaborates with DECO (Portuguese Consumer Defence Association), by answering general questions on products and services or on the more specific issues, identifying what are the main questions or problems reported by consumers.


Listening to Employees

The management system of the people as well as the internal communication model allows a constant dialogue with the Employees, sharing information and aligning the objectives. There are, however, formal mechanisms for listening to Employees:

Satisfaction and motivation survey - the motivation and satisfaction of Employees is essential for the Bank's dynamism and sustainability, being formally managed through an Employee Satisfaction Management system, which allows the Bank to assess: (i) satisfaction and motivation levels; (ii) critical factors that influence these two vectors, and (iii) the impact of people management policies. This system is based on a confidential survey, held annually.

Internal Customer satisfaction survey - throughout the year the Bank holds global surveys and special studies to assess the levels of satisfaction with the service provided by the Bank's back office. This system to get feedback from Employees is fundamental to increase the quality of services provided between the units, which translates directly into the quality of service that is provided to Customers.

Performance assessment meetings - meetings with the hierarchy constitute a space for dialogue regarding the employee's performance and expectations, where team leaders are available to listen to the Employees, provide feedback and jointly establish continuous improvement plans.

Whistleblowing - system for internal communication of irregularities within the Group. The system is presented in the Bank's internal Portal through a message from the Chairman of the Audit Committee, describing the objectives and management of the system, in particular that the communications received are kept confidential.



Within the scope of its duties to disclose periodic information, Millennium bcp disseminates, on a quarterly basis, information on the activities undertaken and earnings, promoting the holding of press conferences and conference calls with analysts and investors with the participation of members of the Executive Board of Directors.


Be close

Millennium Encounters - which cover the district capitals and other relevant commercial markets in Portugal, create opportunities for dialogue with Customers and with all local entities. This is an initiative that aims to strengthen existing relationships, so as to deepen trust and strengthen the image of the Bank with the local community.

Encontros Millennium

Seminars - the involvement with Customers is also embodied in the sharing of experience and knowledge, therefore Millennium bcp promotes several events involving Employees, Customers and experts in different areas.


Information platforms

Newsletters - the various areas of Millennium bcp produce informational Newsletters periodically, made available, in digital format and also on paper, to Employees, Customers, Shareholders and Investors.

About Us - About Us is an electronic newsletter, weekly, sent to all employees of the group, which summarizes the main events that marked the life of the Bank in the previous week. This newsletter is a privileged space for the dissemination of events between the various operations of the group.

Internal Portal - updated daily, the internal portal is the main platform of communication with Employees and aims to inform about the most relevant aspects of the life of the Organization, addressing themes of a commercial nature (products, business objectives and balance of activity), institutional (general data, standards and procedures, patronage action, social and environmental development and values of the Organization) and highlighting protocols, partnerships and benefits targeting Employees.

Millennium TV - its mission is to educate and inform on relevant themes of the Bank's life and its relationship with the various Stakeholders, actively contributing to the development of the business, reducing costs and closing the physical distances in the organization. Currently, the Bank produces daily news programmes, movies to support training, and programs analysing daily issues and live programmes for the discussion of specific issues.

Television programmes can be seen by the team in a TV set or individually on each employee's computer.