Welcome to Millennium World

Welcome to Millennium World

Open an account and discover the advantages of being a customer of the Macau Branch.


Open an account at Macau Branch and enter the World of advantages which span through 5 continents.

Developing borderless relations and agreements, our international network promotes personal, business and commercial interests.

A wide range of products and services are available to meet the needs of our Customers.

We offer a service of excellence that is based on transparency and rapid response to the demands of our Customers.

We invite you to enter the Millennium World.

Experience and discover all the advantages which form part of this World.

Our promise

The life cycle of the Customers is the source of information and the field of investigation for new products and services, able to produce high levels of satisfaction and support the carrying out of individual and collective projects and ambitions.

Follow up the business needs of our Customers, in Macau and in the overseas, with the objective of facilitating the daily management of business and supporting the efforts of internationalization.

We want only the best and consider that doing better is always possible.

Set up benchmarks in all areas to measure the quality of our performance and to plan new stages of improvement.

We simplify systematically our processes with the requirement of effectiveness and increase the effective value of the services supplied.

We have the permanent objective of increasing and strengthening our operative capital base, because we want to offer the maximum level of confidence to our Customers and Investors.

It’s easy to open an account

Go to our Macau Branch or one of our Branches in Portugal and present the following documents.

Individual Customers:

  • An identification document: Identity Card, Citizen Card or Passport;
  • An address proof: payment notice of water, electricity, telephone or cable TV bill, driving licence and other document with similar effect;
  • A document of Tax Identification: Tax Payer Card, Citizen Card or other document with similar effect;
  • A certificate of profession and employment: Salary Receipt, Employee Card or Declaration of Employer or other document with similar effect.

Note: The information about professional statuses, income, assets, source of funds and purpose of account are critical elements for customer acceptance.

Company Customers / Entities:

  • Identification documents of the Persons authorized to operate the account;
  • Articles of Association of the Company or Business Registration Certificate;
  • Power of Attorney given to Person(s) registered with capacity to oblige the Company/Entity or copy of Articles of Association of the Company/Entity containing the powers attributed;
  • Address proof (payment notice of water/electricity/telephone bill, etc.) of the Company/Entity and Persons authorized to operate the account;
  • Tax payer identification number of the Company;
  • Identification of the shareholders of the Company (unless the Company is a listed company).

Note: The information about the Persons authorized to operate the account and about the Shareholders of the Company/Entity as well as the source of funds and purpose of account are critical elements for customer acceptance.